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February 20, 2010


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I have no doubts that real trees are beettr for the environment, but I can't handle it. We have a plastic tree for two reasons: 1) we live in a 4th-floor condo with no elevator, and no one relishes trying to fit a tree up several flights of twisting stairs, and 2) I'm allergic to the entirety of the known natural world. I take a daily allergy medicine just to be able to pet my dogs, but I still get extremely sneezy and sniffly in the spring and fall, even while on allergy meds. When I was a kid, my folks tried real trees for several years different varieties of pines and firs and other evergreens and all of them made my allergies go bonkers, even though the tree was in the basement and our family lived upstairs. I suspect Dave and I will never have a real tree because of my allergies. I will, however, use our fake one until it breaks entirely (this will be its 7th Xmas with us, and last year it was still perfectly fine). After it finally bites it, I will probably Freecycle it for the crafty folks to scavenge.

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