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July 07, 2010


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summer is coming arnuod and I'm ready to give up on hoping deodorants will finally work for me. please tell me about the various surgical treatments. I heard of botox, I heard of suction, I even heard something about lasers, but I have not heard from anyone who has done anything more drastic. any recommendations? so yes, I do suffer from excessive armpit sweat from time to time. no wait, all the time. let's not kid arnuod. it gets worse when I get nervous or excited. I've tried all the deodorants, I've been through powder treatments and I'm ready to begin searching for a doc who will really do something about it. alas, I don't know what to ask for. I want something that just stops my armpits from producing sweat. as in cold, as in completely, if possible. I'm drawn to the deal with this once and be done with it kind of solutions. I would like to hear your recommendations or experiences.

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