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July 17, 2010


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My daughter had one on her figenr and it took about 2 weeks to go away. I treated it every other day.The BEST way to remove a wart is to keep it covered with that white surgical tape. (a couple of bucks at Walmart or a drug store) According to my dermatologist (I used to be wart infested on my figenrs and ankle as a kid) you can simply remove it by changing it's environment. If it is moist and covered it will turn white and you will see black roots' it becomes very soft and you can actually scrape it off. If it is on your figenr keep it wrapped for a LONG time try not to remove the bandage unless it is gross and falling off just replace with new bandages when necessary.Even if you take a shower and it's wet .leave it alone the moisture will soften it all up. When it turns your skin very white on and around the wart start scraping it off with a razor .there will be NO pain. It WILL go away!Alot of wart experience!

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