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February 02, 2011


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Mark Delman

Just a hunch on this... despite a Nordic heritage, they may be selling more cars in temperate climates and adjusted the design to reflect lower need for good snow traction.


Very possibly! But I have to wonder what would be the downside, for the company, of retaining those design features. Perhaps a slight tick upward in MPG, I guess.


Aaaw! How very cute. And amusing. A bit predactible (I knew all along that oops, sorry, no. Won't say it. Spoiler, dontcha know), but that's all good. Love stories are supposed to be predactible. (Incidentally, of course it's a love story, there's no supposing about it!) Very much enjoyed it; this is actually much more my kind of story than your other most excellent works. Jeeves ho- I shall now go and look out Damsel in Distress .

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