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February 06, 2011


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Mark Delman

I've found the CFL's to be disappointing. In my experience, they burn out much more quickly than is stated on the package and they can't easily be recycled because they contain mercury. I've broken a few of these in my day and then the mercury gets released in the house. Nice!

Our local utility just ran a special on the new LED lights and I purchased a pack of two. When the next bulb burns out, I'm going to try one of these and I'll let you know what I think.



Of course CFLs have both pros and cons when it comes to enrvtonmenial issues. In the situation I describe, I can't easily find any real benefits to using CFLs as opposed to incandescent bulbs. I'd like to hear about all the enrvtonmenial benefits that I couldn't think of -- or that there are none. So when answering, use any definition of ecological that you can think of. Apr 22 at 17:23

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