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March 26, 2011


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It looks like an another Fat Angry Driver.


Please find yourself the anger management classes.



Sanders watkins

The comments in general reflect the type A personality inherent in cyclist. There is also that endorphin and serotonin high reached by cyclist that creates a temporary delusion of immortality.


I'd be down for more bike valet all over town! Just kidding, what I'd love is to see more faelmiis out there riding with us. We should have a family and children oriented event. Since it seems like we are mostly talking about cycling as transportation, so, road cycling- maybe an event where lay people could hear the benefits of having a road bike for transport over a mountain bike. I see so many people riding their mountain bikes for miles and miles and looking exhausted if I must say so myself. Maybe a turn around mountain bike to road bike for transport trade event? Who knows how that would even work. I'm just shooting ideas out. I feel bad for those mountain bikers who just don't know. (and i don't mean the peeps on thousand buck mountain bikes.. i mean the average joe who just... doesn't know.)

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