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May 03, 2012


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It may be that form follows function and that as a technology matures all manufacturers gravitate toward a narrow set of design choices. If you look at film cameras from their beginnings as mass market items (after 1900), these came in many different styles and some were quite quirky in their design and in some of their unique features. There were also many different film formats. This continued through the 1950's, but by the 1970 all cameras really looked the same and there really was only one film format - 35mm. When digital cameras came out, it opened the opportunity again for designers to experiment again and there were some interesting designs but now these too all look pretty much the same.

Fan Assembly

Next time I get a car, I would love a color green. Dark green most probably, but not too green.

Clint Moore

There are actually lots of colors we can use on our cars, but most people prefer to be conservative with their cars, so the more conventional colors are usually the popular choices. Another reason today's cars look dull is the changing paint technology. The brighter acrylic lacquers, which were popular in the 60s, are being replaced with more durable polyurethane-based paints. No wonder the 60s and 70s vehicles looked groovier than their counterparts today. You rarely see cars with loud colors like tangerine or neon green.

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